Our company, which reaches its goals through the power gained from Human Resources above all, adopts the goal of becoming a community where mutual trust and respect dominates, and where participation and variety is valued. It has always considered recruitment of high-quality personnel, continuous development of employee and keeping their motivation high as important. Our company, which has put for employee satisfaction and progress and thus allocated resources for these, believes that new and creative opportunities might come through the bled of different perspectives and fund of knowledge.


We have been performing our work to include the best in our structure heading out our company’s goals and principles for years. We make use of our candidate pool which consists of candidates who have applied through our website after publicity and direct applicants. Our company publishes job adverts for various fields and positions throughout the year. Amongst those applications, the applicants who have the technical competence and quality in parallel with requirements are determined and invited for an interview. Competencies are one of the most important subject during hiring process. Open ended questions on your application form gives clues regarding the applicants’ competencies on their resumes. We expect that the applicants have nine main competencies regardless of the department they have applied to.

These competencies are:

• Rotation 
• Team Work 
• Communication
• Cooperation 
• Result Oriented 
• Creativity and Entrepreneurship 
• Self-development and Co-worker development 
• Managing and Adjusting Diversity 
• Customer Sensitivity


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