• We started with the idea of making something different and better.
  • Our products are manufactured carefully for our customers to use them with pleasure with the best features of design, material quality and functionality. 
  • We develop our products according to the customer based approach and control every processes from raw material entering to manufacturing, sales and customer satisfaction.  
  • We manufacture products that protect health of our customers, meet their expectations and provide their needs, we care about contentment of our workers and partners.
  • We think nothing is good enough as it is, and everything could be done better.
  • We have never left any unpleased customer behind in manufacturing and marketing processes. We turned this into one of our principals. That’s why we are doing the most important thing; listening..…
  • What does our customer want and expect? It’s not only limited with our distributing channel, we collect and answer all requests, suggestions and complaints coming from corporate and consumer base.
  • If a customer contact us about a problem, which can be through different channels, it will be solved.
  • Collected customer comments guides us in the manufacturing stage and while designing a new product.
  • We know that customer pleasure should start from the very bases; we think about comfort of a customer when we start to design a new product. Also, we keep giving our support as long as our product stays on the kitchen counter.

It is enough for us to make our customers pleased..!



Address : İncirli Cad. No 74 / 15 Bakırköy - İstanbul

Phone : +90 533 256 7962

E-mail :